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Kiwi sausage heading for the home of the banger

“The thing with sausages is that there are no rules, so we thought: ‘Why not mix meat, whole black beans and chunks of ingredients into a sausage’. Then we thought, instead of a piece of stale white bread, why not serve it in a tortilla, with guacamole, hot sauce and sour cream?”

So he did. Six months, and 50,000 bangerritos later – the sausages are like a meaty version of Lewis Road Creamery’s chocolate milk and are a cult hit.

They are sold mainly through supermarkets like Nosh, Farro Fresh and Moore Wilson, as well as My Food Bag.

Polkinghorne has quit his day job working in advertising at Colenso BBDO and is heading (with his burrito sausages) for Sydney and then London.

He told a packed crowd at Idealog’s latest Pitch Circus event at Auckland’s high-class Seafarers venue, that his entrepreneurial journey had been chaotic (its first public showing one year ago was a “probably illegal” barbecue on a footpath in Ponsonby). 

The company was celebrating its six month anniversary by launching a tequila-soaked chicken bangerrito an having a party at Britomart Country Club bar on June 6 (it is planning on adding vegetarian and beef bangers at some stage and an alpaca farmer has also been in touch, which Polkinghorne liked the idea of). 

Bangerrito’s sign at the Laneway festival this year.

He says the next stop is setting up distribution in Australia and London, and he’s flying across the Tasman next month.

Another company showcased at the event was Desmond Chai’s company Indent Star, which sources and manufactures a range of sustainable bamboo products, from stationary and keyboards to toys.

“Clients find it hard to source sustainable products. I’m sourcing from Japan, Vietnam and China and can help overcome cultural and language barriers.”

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