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Surveys find NZ women to be selfless shoppers, while men are apathetic

Two recent surveys have highlighted the gender gap in shopping. A survey by Mastercard has found women in New Zealand are the most likely to buy presents for others in Australasia, as gifts make up 34 percent of their online purchases. Another survey by Colmar Brunton has found men feel negative about Mother’s Day and are less likely than women to celebrate it.

In Mastercard’s survey, Japanese men were found to be the least likely to give gifts, with only 12 percent of online purchases bought as presents.

The survey was conducted ahead of Mother’s Day and asked 500 people from each country aged 18 to 64 about their online purchases.

In 12 of the 14 Asian Pacific countries, women were more likely to buy presents for others than men.

Only in Singapore were men more likely to buy gifts for others than women.

Group head of communications in the Asian and Pacific region, Georgette Tan, says the results show there in a gender gap in gifting.

“It is clear that there is a gender imbalance when it comes to the buying of presents,” Tan says.

“It is often thought that women shop more for themselves than men but actually men are more likely to be spending money on themselves.

“This is despite the common expectation that men will make the bigger purchases for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.”

“Much of women’s shopping is on presents bought for family and friends, for birthdays, New Year’s Day, Christmas and other festivities.”

Only 19 percent of Kiwi men’s online purchases were bought as a gift for someone else. 72 percent of their purchases were on themselves.

Just over half of Kiwi women’s online purchases were on themselves (55 percent).

While women are willing to buy presents for others for special occasions, a survey by Colmar Brunton has found men are more cynical about Mother’s Day.

CEO Jacqueline Farman says the survey found a large amount of men are apathetic about the celebratory day and less likely to celebrate it than women.

“Our survey shows nine percent of men do not celebrate Mother’s Day, compared to only four percent of women,” Farman says.

“In fact, 48 per cent of men are less likely to have specific plans for Mother’s Day, compared to 55 per cent of women who have more of an idea as to how they will celebrate the day.”

It also found a third of men have a negative view of Mother’s Day, compared to a quarter of women.

“Many men think it is all about commercialism and selling things (28 percent), while five per cent of men see it as ‘tacky,’ compared to only one per cent of women,” Farman says.

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