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Mobile marketing company VMob wins big at Spanish data conference I-COM

It was awarded the top honours in the conference’s ‘Data Venture Challenge,’ the ‘Data Creativity Award’ and the ‘Overall Data Venture Challenge Award.’

VMob was featured in the March issue of NZRetail magazine for its customer engagement technology. The company’s software uses cloud technology to combine information about online and in-store transactions, mobile app browsing behavior, location data, weather, and social media information to deliver highly specific, targeted messages to customers in real-time.

In an example given at the time, a chain of hardware stores could use VMob’s software to recognise recent customers, monitor the topics they engaged with on the company’s app, and send them a special offer if they entered a competitor’s store.

VMob CEO and founder Scott Bradley said the global recognition of the awards is testament to VMob’s success.

“Winning at the I-COM awards last year was exciting and to come back this year and achieve an even higher accolade shows what we are doing is working.

“The I-COM awards aren’t about designing a pretty app or a having a creative concept that wins social media attention – the criteria looks at how data can be used to drive real, measurable business results through marketing – and VMob has achieved just that.” 

Bradley said the award highlighted the importance of big data in business today and how measurable business results can be delivered with the data.

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