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Women get paid less, so pay less to reflect gender pay gap at pop up shop

The store is aptly named ‘76<100’, reflecting the average income of women in the town compared with men.

Women are charged 76 cents for every dollar at the shop. Items come with two price tags: one for women, and one for men.

The store stocks items produced by female artists in the US, with a quarter of the items locally sourced.

Items include art, textiles, prints, books, ceramics and even honey from a local beekeeper.

The store also hosts workshops on salary negotiations for women, provides information on why the gender pay gap exists and more.

The shop is part of an initiative by <100, a travelling pop-up shop that aims to create awareness about the gender pay gap.

Local graphic artist and publisher, 31-year-old Elena Schlenker, created the initiative.

She told local newspaper The Star she wanted to create a palpable way of experiencing the pay gap between men and women.

“As the items get more expensive, the difference really becomes more palpable, and you can see how quickly that percentage adds up to real money,” Schlenker says.

The Pittsburgh shop will stay open until April 30, and a new store will pop up in New Orleans.

The pay inequality is even worse there, she says, with women earn 66 cents to a male dollar.

Back home in New Zealand, Statistics New Zealand found the gender pay gap to be 9.9 percent in 2014 June quarter.

Women on average earned $24.70 an hour, while men were earning $28.70.

The pay gap has been steadily decreasing over the last decade or so, as it was 14.3 percent in 2000.

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