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E-commerce provider eWay arrives on New Zealand shores

The Australian-based company aims to speed up the online payment process for businesses, taking it down from weeks or days to minutes in some cases.

About 900 companies here already the Australian service, but the launch of a dedicated Merchant Services here offers full support to customers, eWay CEO Matt Bullock said in a statement.

He says the new payment system will be a “gamechanger”.

“Merchants in New Zealand who have typically suffered from sub-par customer support due to timezone shut-offs in global call centres, for the first time will be able to receive dedicated 24-hour, 365-days-a-year support,” Bullock says.

He says when it launched in Australia, more than 3000 merchants signed up within 12 months.

“We’re looking to replicate this model and help New Zealand businesses experience this growth, too,” Bullock says.

The payment system has operated in Australia for 17 years and has recently rapidly expanded Singapore, Britain, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The company also plans to move into the US market.

Paypal company Braintree payments also announced it was coming to New Zealand this week, making the E-commerce payment market increasingly saturated.

A pilot programme has been launched for Kiwi companies.

Once companies have been approved, they can accept credit and debit cards and Paypal payments online and through mobile devices via Braintree.

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