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Carry a cartoon with JumpFromPaper

Two designers from Taipei, Taiwan, have just released the 2015 SS collection for their unique bag line. Called JumpFromPaper, the brand is from design agency Pinzaan, also based in Taiwan.

The bags and accessories are a sight to behold. Bright colours, a flat, 2D based design, and bold lines make the bags seem as if they literally jumped out of a cartoon sketchpad.

Started in 2010, the brand has travelled to over 25 countries and is the brainchild of designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, who came up with the idea one afternoon after a heavy shopping spree.

It started out as part of their graduation project from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; now the two designers produce the whole line on top of working full-time jobs in the design industry.

While all the bags look as if they’ve been ripped out of the pages of a manga comic book and photoshopped into reality, they are all 100% functional. And with a flat design that includes a zipper on the bottom allowing certain bags to be expanded for extra room, depending on which type of bag you have, you can fit anything from an iPad mini to a full-sized laptop.

According to the design agency Pinzaan, the brand is created to: “Let your life be filled with the colours of a comic! Using design to rescue you from a flat and boring world, exaggerating the spirit of comedies, take your manga bag and experience a new urban adventure everyday!”

The bags are certainly unique, and definitely make a statement when walking around town with one of them strapped to your shoulder.

Check out more of their designs on their Instagram page.

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