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From boardroom to surfboard: Quiksilver makes a wetsuit suit

In the “True Wetsuits” line there’s a choice between a navy or black slimline suit, each labelled “Business and surfing.” The range also boasts a tuxedo variant for “Party and surfing.”

Quiksilver’s release suggests that the suits could be appropriate for “business occasions after surfing,” although it doesn’t mention how the inevitable trail of water and soggy chairs could be explained away.

“The true wetsuit is designed to fit every aspect of users’ lives to make both life and surfing more fun. A must-have item for the busy, modern person.”

The jacket and pants are made of a 2mm super high-stretch jersey neoprene – wetsuit material. Quiksilver says the fabric parts that make up the items are joined with glued and blind-stitched seams, a method specially developed for wetsuit production.

The pockets are designed flat to prevent them from catching water and creating drag while the wearer is surfing, but the breast pockets have been designed specifically for use outside the water.

The inside pocket on the left breast of the jacket is designed with a fastener and drain hole, to store any electronic devices used in business situations, and the outside pocket on the same breast is designed with a slit and space to carry a handkerchief.

Quiksilver says the jacket also features side vents “to allow a comfortable posture while waiting for waves.”

The matching shirt is made of stretchy, water-repellant board short material, and has also been treated with Scotchguard to prevent soiling. Like the jacket and pants, the True Wetsuit tie is made of neoprene, but that’s not all: “Sublimation transfer printing is used to adorn the tie with a delicate design suited for business and party situations.”

It’s not clear from the Japanese-language website whether the True Wetsuit-branded pen and diary are also equipped for the waves. We hope so.

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