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The singing birthday card that never shuts up

The Kickstarter campaign for the card had a US$7,500 funding goal and US$21,369 pledged. The campaign still has 23 days to go.

The card is delivered to the card-writer in a safe mode, so they can write a heartfelt message inside.

Once written in, the activation tab needs to be pulled, so the card will be ready to blast out music the moment it’s next opened.

The obnoxious song won’t stop until the card is physically destroyed.

If anyone was doubtful that the battery in the card can last at least three hours, founders Travis and Nick Peterson have gone to the extreme lengths of recording and posting a video of an early prototype of the card.

The video shows the card playing for almost 5 hours.

The co-founders say they wanted an inexpensive and effective way to mess with their friends, so the simply-designed yet maddening Joker Birthday Card was born.

The card even survives being dunked in water.

If you want to be extra annoying, there’s even four levels of increasing volume you can set.

Some tips from the pair for the best way to gift the card are below:

• When you send your card, write something really special in it. The nicer the message the harder it will be for them to tear it up. If the kids send a card to Grandma, there’s no way she can tear that up.

• When you give your card at the party, be the first one. This way the card will not only drive your friend crazy as they open other presents, everyone else at the party who’s in on the joke can enjoy it too!

• Give the card to a friend staying at a hotel, preferably after dinner. This way when they open it they’ll have no escape when it’s still singing at 1am in the morning.

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