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Miz Mooz shoes mocks the selfie-obsessed generation with “Selfie Shoes”

The New York based company released the ad on March 30 to gear up towards April Fool’s Day.

The ad cleverly mocks the selfie stick craze that has become popular with tourists, millennials and the like by emphasising the ridiculous lengths people will go to in order to get a good selfie.

It shows two friends taking a photo, with one lifting her leg high in the air with the phone tucked into her shoe to take the snap.

The ad shows the hands-free benefits of taking a “shoefie” – a concept serial selfie-takers can only dream of.

There’s no mention of the flexibility required for this stunt, but it’s clear the product is better suited to the young and springy, rather than Grandma and Grandpa’s achy old limbs.

A lot of commenters on the YouTube video were fooled by the stunt, which goes to show the vanity-driven selfie habits in the prank ad are pretty close to reality.

One day, perhaps selfie shoes – or other selfie apparel – could actually be a thing.

The description on the video reads: “No matter where you go, you’ll always be camera-ready. Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of your toe to take the photos. With the Selfie Shoes, you no longer have to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photos.”

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