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Information distribution app Showcase expands

Showcase was founded in 2011. Co-founder and company president, 34-year-old Millie Jocelyn, is proud of the work the company has done at home with customers such as The Warehouse Group, Z Energy, Spark, Vodafone, Mitsubishi and Fisher & Paykel.

Showcase is a distribution tool which can be used to send out information to staff using an app. “Where you have got a large network, that’s really where Showcase can add value,” Jocelyn says.

She says Showcase is good for distributing brochures, videos, catalogues and more – “anything that you would otherwise distribute as email attachments or in paper.”

The Warehouse Group used it to replace printed schematics for merchandising by giving all recipients of the document an iPad. Formerly, the documents would need to be replaced every time an update was required, but now, changes take minutes and everyone has the same information at the same time.

Showcase’s development arm is based in Wellington. The company has relationships established in Australia and in the UK, where it has a reseller deal with Vodafone, but Jocelyn says it has identified the US as its next foreign market.

To this end, Showcase has just acquired a new CEO, Jason Brooks, who is based in California. Brooks started his role with the company today. He was introduced to the Kiwi founders by one of Showcase’s investors.

“We’ve cut our teeth in Australia and New Zealand, we know how to sell our product,” says Jocelyn. “We’re looking for quite rapid growth in the US.”

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