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Earthquake damaged businesses use online buy and sell website to recover

In 2011, Diane Ramsay (pictured) was running Retropolitan, a retro furniture and clothing business in Christchurch. However, due to the quakes she had to relocate her shop.

“I had regular, loyal customers, but when you have to move your shop, it’s tough to bring your customers with you,” says Ramsay.

“I’m pretty old school, and the idea of trying to win new customers online was a bit daunting.” 

Chrissy Bailey, owner of Chrissy’s Labels, had a similar problem.

The SME owner runs a secondhand clothing store based in Sumner. Due to the damage from the quake, foot traffic decreased, as well as sales.

“I’ve been on the verge of closing up shop. It’s not been an easy road the last few years as a small business owner. You either have to learn some new tricks, or think about packing it in,” says Bailey.

The two have revived their businesses through online buy and sell website Post a Note, which allows users to buy and sell items for free.

The transactions are done over email then completed in person.

Bailey and Ramsay have begun listing products on the website, which has driven foot traffic back into their stores.

Ramsay says she had a customer come down from Rangiora because she’d seen items for sale on the site.

“That was just the beginning,” she says.

Community representative for Post a Note, Lynette Diaz, says Post a Note helps businesses, individuals and communities thrive.

It is particularly significant in Christchurch, she says, as businesses need to help other businesses in order to fully recover.

On a lighter note, on April 1 a woman from Dunedin decided to jokingly sell her own husband on Post a Note.

Check out the full listing here or see her write up below:

I know you shouldn’t drink and post, but I gotta get this off my chest. My husband is worthless, you can have him. He makes a bag of sand seem interesting. I’d drop him like a bag of hammers for a new television. Hell,I might even pay YOU to take him off my hands! 

He’s unemployed, yet still manages to somehow spend more on weed than he did our kid’s education. He has the work ethic of a rotten potato, and doesn’t smell much better either.

I’m not saying he’s dumb, but if we had to play Scrabble to the death, I like my chances. 

When I married him, he looked decent enough, but a few decades of smokes, booze, and KFC have left him about as appealing as snorting mayonnaise. His forehead looks like his parents might have been related before they got married, if you catch my drift. He does have nice tight skin though. 

The way he snores, I just figured he’d have died by now. God knows I’ve considered helping him down that pathway with the old pillow trick, but he ain’t worth going to jail for. 

A man must be either handy or handsome, and this loser is neither. 

Seriously, make me an offer, anything, and he’s yours!!!


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