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Ice cream Easter eggs? Yes, please

The process to make the eggs is not an easy one – Grazioli, the head chef at Giapo Haute Ice Cream, says it takes about four hours to create 12 of them.

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Posted by Giapo on Friday, March 27, 2015

This is because the ice cream is concealed within the cone, he says, which builds the anticipation before the first taste.

“The Easter inspired creation has been under development for almost two years because originally, I did not have a way to create it,” he says.

“The 3D printer is amazing technology and we have embraced it as a world first in the ice cream world.”

Grazioli is one of the country’s most inventive ice cream experts.

He first opened his store in 2009 and it was ranked the 10th best gelato store outside Italy last year.

He views his kitchen as more of a research centre than an ice cream parlour, as it is kitted out with a full physics and chemistry laboratory.

He also does his fair share of culinary creative research, discovering that eating sorbet with different types of music changes the way it tastes, among other insights.

In 2012, the AUT science graduate worked with a fellow student to build a cone of sensory experimentation dubbed ‘The Dome.’

Trends became apparent: listening to Mozart and eating chocolate sorbet made it taste richer, reggae went well with lemon sorbet, and rock music suited only hazelnut gelato.

He found that even if people didn’t like food, they enjoyed the experience if there was the right music or video on hand.

Grazioli has since removed the opportunity for customers to see the ice creams at his shop while ordering.

They can view only a menu beforehand. He believes this arrangement positively alters taste perception.

As part of the sensory experience, each ice cream also gets a spritz of essential oil before being served to a customer.

His latest Easter egg ice cream creations, called Easter in Aotearoa, will be available from the Giapo Queen St store until Tuesday 7 April.

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