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In-vehicle innovation set to keep Uber passengers’ pies warm

This project is the result of at least 10 minutes of sustained consideration.

The genesis of this idea was born last Saturday, when an Uber taxi driver was heard to remark that a high percentage of his after-midnight fares chose to enjoy a pie on their way home.

Although our team was well satisfied with the rapidly-cooling pastries we each held at the time, our relentless drive towards market innovation led us to revisit the situation after the hangover had cleared the next day. We asked ourselves, “How can we further improve the mobile pie experience for customers?”

Enter the Gravy Train™. Our insulated pie-warmers have room for four standard mince-and-cheese pies per Uber taxi, enabling hungry customers to access the freshest, hottest pies without moving an inch from their seats.

“This really isn’t that new,” said a research and design spokesperson for the team.

“Drivers have been putting tissue boxes in the back windows of cabs for decades as a safe guard against accidental gravy oozes. This is just the evolution of backseat pie-eating. It’s about making our customers as comfortable as possible.”

A spokesperson from the taxi industry isn’t as impressed by the introduction of Gravy Train™ to Uber cabs, believing they might be hazardous to both drivers and passengers.

“The last thing you want is a steaming pie bouncing around the backseat of a car while a group of friends dance to Pharrell’s Happy. Who is going to stop those pastry fire pots from landing on the chest of a guy wearing a deep V-neck? It’s outrageous, if you ask me. “

NZ MarketingNZRetail, StopPress and The Register hope to shortly release their next project, the Pie in the Sky™ in-flight pie warmer.

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