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Pak ‘n Save becomes Pak ‘n Shave

Here’s the release:

The ‘Stickman’ is just one of the many hairstyles on offer as Pak ’n Save, today announces the launch of its new in-store hair cutting and removal service.

“We have been delivering New Zealand’s lowest food prices for more than 30 years and have decided it is the right time to extend our lowest price philosophy to other services we can easily offer in store,” says Steve Bayliss, Group General Manager of Marketing, Foodstuffs NZ Limited.

“Our customer research shows that people love our competitive grocery prices and friendly staff, but they want more. Keeping costs down and passing on the savings to customers wherever possible is what PAK’nSAVE does best – it occurred to us that this model would work well for services such as hairdressing,” he says.

The hair service, Pak ’n Shave being offered includes, the ‘Stickman’, beard and moustache maintenance or removal, chest and back waxing, as well as the ‘Costa Rican’ which Bayliss says is not for the faint hearted. Prices range from just 50 cents to $5.50.

When asked if he had sampled any of the services, Bayliss explains, “Nose hair sculpting really is an essential part of manscaping for the modern Kiwi bloke. At just 50 cents per nostril, it’s hard to beat value.”

The hair service, Pak ’n Shave, will be rolled out throughout the country, beginning in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in the next few months and extended to other regions by the end of the year.

The price list even includes the option of the on-trend Stick Man hairstyle.

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