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Getting into the customer’s pocket

With more than 5.4 million mobile subscribers in a country of just 4.4 million, we have well and truly have embraced our smartphones, checking them up to 120 times a day. 

In other words, with mobile you can be with your customers from when they wake up, to when they switch their lights (and screens) off.  Kiwis are increasingly using their smartphones to find retailers, research products, compare prices and make purchases.  

Luckily, mobile marketing is relatively simple and inexpensive.

If you have a website, make sure it’s optimised for mobile.  We’ve all struggled with bad website experiences on our smartphones.  There’s no greater turn-off for customers than having to pinch and swipe their way through your desktop site, or worse still, having to write down a contact number because it doesn’t automatically connect to you.

Mobile advertising is growing quickly in New Zealand.  According to figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand, spend on mobile marketing in New Zealand has more than doubled every year since 2011, when it was first measured.  

Google has a specific advertising program for mobile called AdWords for Mobile. The costs vary depending on the scale and complexity of your campaign, but it’s a great option for small businesses as you can set a fixed budget and keep track of who is clicking on your ads. This means you’ll know soon enough whether it’s working or not.

For some businesses, investing in a standalone mobile app can really pay off, providing a great way to extend your brand and provide better services and support to customers.  With geo-targeted technology now available, it’s even possible to target customers in specific areas and locations, making it easier to pique their attention with relevant offers.

Perhaps it’s no longer true to say that New Zealand is going mobile – New Zealand has well and truly gone mobile. If you want to go where your customers are, you need to go mobile too.

This story was originally published in NZRetail magazine issue 736, March 2015.

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