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UPDATED: Clean, green, mince-and-cheese pie smoothies coming to a store near you

The Register has a confession to make – together with I Love Pies, our team has been having some fun for April Fool’s day. The pie smoothie launch is not real and, to our infinite relief, this product will stay off the shelves for the foreseeable future.

I Love Pies founders Jessie Stanley and Maree Glading say the food innovation will appeal to everyone, from New Zealand’s clean eating health community, to the average Kiwi male who loves to wolf down a pie.

Glading says the liquid pie eliminates common problems faced by regular pie eaters.

“This smoothie will change your life,” she says.

“No more awkward pie handling on the run, you can conveniently drink your pie in smoothie form.”

I Love Pie founders Jessica Stanley and Maree Glading

“Using the cupholder in your car, or holding it in your hand while taking the kids to boot-camp or yoga, your smoothie dietary requirements can be met with this delicious mixture.”

The smoothie will retail for $6.99 and the two expect huge demand for product, which will be available in selected supermarkets.

Stanley says they’re excited to experiment with other pie smoothie flavours.

“We’d love to try something with pickled cabbage, reflecting the growth in knowledge about how good fermented food are for us,” she says.

Some on Twitter are even predicting that the smoothie will be the new Lewis Road Chocolate Milk.

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