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AMI “insures” a good in-store experience

AMI enlisted the help of RCG, a property, architecture, design and research company, to kit out their flagship store in the Auckland suburb of Takanini.

RCG started by strategically analysing AMI’s store performance both regionally and nationally.

The strategy developed was to use AMI’s existing footprint and staff, but create an environment that encouraged more sales.

With this in mind, RCG designed an environment with a creative twist.

The store features a “life stage” wall, which maps the customer journey with touch points and screens corresponding with different eras in peoples’ lives.

The wall has facts and statistics on it which can be used to kick-start discussions.

“The design allows customers to access insurance information that is relevant to them, and understand how their insurance can move with their needs as they change over time,” Lenihan says.

“It all supports AMI’s intention to be social and helpful.”

He says eventually the screens will be integrated with AMI’s online channels, providing an omnichannel experience.

iPads and laptops are docked at stations and can be picked up by staff to be mobile and move freely while with a customer.

Rather than an administrative desk and chair set up, there is a central standing assistance counter at the heart of the store with a sign that says “Need help? Ask here.”

This helps with AMI’s customer-centric focus, as the counter is in the centre of people’s vision when they walk through the door.

There is also a variety of places where customers can talk to staff face to face, such as leaners, tables and lounges.

For more stressful claims, there are acoustically-private meeting spaces.

The company has stayed true to its iconic yellow colour, with yellow-painted timber framing the doorway, and pops of yellow in the carpet and on the walls.

Kiwi designer Nathan Goldworthy created monarch tables with custom-made yellow legs for the store.

The result is a much fresher, modern space.

RCG says the AMI revamp has created an increase in foot traffic through the door, as well as more commitment among staff.

Four stores have been refitted so far and more are yet to come. 

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