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Social marketplace app Sellshed scooped up by leading retail chain

SellShed CEO Peter Howell wouldn’t name the chain, but says the fashion chain plans to roll out SellShed’s app to its database.

“The benefits for the retail chain are that they will be able to send push notifications to their customers with promotions and updates, specifically updates to customers of each individual store, due to the geo-targeting functionality of the app,” Howell says.

The company is also selling $250,000 of its company shares on PledgeMe, with $130,100 pledged so far and 15 days to go.

Things are looking peachy for the Mount Maunganui based company, as it says it’s on track to exceed its funding target after two weeks of fundraising.

He says one of the first investors on PledgeMe was a San Francisco tech company that helps Kiwi start-ups break into the US market.

Howell says people with a keen interest in online technology have come on board, as well as younger investors in the 30 to 40 year old age bracket.

SellShed had more than 13,000 users sign up since it launched in last October.

It is free to use and designed for mobiles with an app, but it can also be accessed on a desktop through its website.

Its two revenue streams are geo-advertising based off the location of the user and subscriptions, in which businesses will pay a monthly fee to cover listings. 

The opportunity to invest in SellShed closes on 9 April, 2015.

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