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New Zealand merino wool company scores deal with Glerups Danish indoor shoes

State-owned livestock farmer Landcorp will produce more than 90 tonnes of strong wool to export to Denmark to be manufactured by Glerups over the course of the deal.

NZM marketing manager Gretchen Foster says the deal shows there’s a niche market worldwide for New Zealand wool in high-value products.

“We know from our experience with fine wool that certain brands place huge value in product sourced from New Zealand farms,” she says.

“But we can’t be complacent in thinking that the New Zealand story alone will bring these deals in.”

She says the key is differentiating New Zealand strong wool in the global marketplace through accredited standards on farms, and eco-validation.

A further 90 tonnes of mid micron wool will also be exported to the Danish company as part of the deal, bringing the total wool exported to at least 180 tonnes.

The shoes are exported to retailers in 20 countries with cool climates, including New Zealand.

They don’t come cheap – the shoes are distributed in by Design Denmark in New Zealand and retail for $189.

Glerups directors Jesper Glerup Kristensen and Allan Timm paid New Zealand a visit a few months earlier and met the teams involved with the process.

Kristensen says Glerups needed to ensure they were getting a quality fibre to keep up with the company’s 20 percent growth per year.

“We needed some certainty that we could get the quality we need, at the right time,” he says.

“To have [our New Zealand partners] all together working on making sure we get the best fibre is really a different approach.”

The wool will be chosen by NZM, processed in New Zealand by Chargeurs and exported to Glerup’s felting and product mill in Europe.

Landcorp signed a three-year contract with NZM in December to manage its wool clip. It farms 3500 tonnes of wool a year nationwide.

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