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Pineapple Heads crowdfunds its shares to expand its team

Megan Sanders, a former advertising executive, first came up with the idea for the business in 2012.

She had an “aha” moment when she realised there was a gap in the market for natural and fun baby products.

“My little guy Jimmy turned ten months and I wanted to use something that was natural and didn’t douse him in chemicals,” Sanders says.

“The stuff I found on the supermarket shelf was black and white and targeted at the parents, not the kids.”

Pineapple Heads was born, with each all-natural product featuring a cute, colourful cartoon figure to appeal to kids.

The brand’s slogan is “no baddies allowed,” with baddies being stuff like silicones, chemicals, parabens, and artificial colours.

Pineapple Head products are stocked in over 70 retailers across New Zealand, including nine New Worlds.

Now, Sanders is keen to increase distribution and her social media presence through recruiting a few key staff members.

“There’s only so much in one day I can physically do, so the aim is to get a couple of sales reps and get out there and start dominating distribution,” she says.

The company is offering a minimum of 189,000 shares and a maximum of 383,000 shares on PledgeMe at $1 each.

With new staff on board, Sanders says it will make it easier to expand out to more locations nationwide, including to Foodstuff’s Pak’n Save, Four Square and more New World branches.

She also plans to expand online to take the business global.

Sanders says expanding distribution both online and in bricks and mortar stores is equally important.

“Being in bricks and mortar retail has been amazing because it helps build the brand. People see the product, start to talk about it and buy it, then Mums and Dads jump online and like our Facebook page,” she says.

“Online continues to build and build but in-store is important because parents can smell how good the products smell and have a sniff in-store.

“For me they’re both incredibly important and I wouldn’t do one without the other.”

The staff will also help build momentum for Pineapple Heads through “word of mouth and word of mouse.”

This includes growing Pineapple Heads’ Facebook page, which already has an active community of over 10,000 people.

Sanders says hiring more staff will free up more time to interact with the community, as customer feedback on products is incredibly important.

Last year, she crowdsourced on Facebook, asking Pineapple Heads’ community about the next product they’d like to see created.

There was an outpouring of requests for a body wash and bubble bath, so Pineapple Heads launched them in December.

$54,750 has been pledged to Pineapple Heads so far. The equity crowdfunding campaign has 21 days to go.

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