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Newmarket Business Association steps up efforts to tackle crime

It says the new anti-crime initiative, which is called ‘Zero Tolerance,’ will help increase the security of businesses in the area, which includes around 400 retail stores.

NBA CEO Mark Knoff-Thomas says the new cameras will be invaluable in monitoring criminal behaviour in the area.

“Newmarket is taking a very firm stance on crime, and is investing heavily in new tools to make that happen,” Knoff-Thomas says.

He says camera technology has improved hugely in recent years, and has also become more affordable.

 “Our new cameras will deliver crystal-clear pictures both day and night, and will have the ability to zoom in on very small details over a wide area,” he says.

A ‘Think Tank’ committee was formed last year, with representatives from district police, Newmarket police, private security providers and Newmarket business members all attending.

The representatives are collaborating to snuff out crime in the area, and are reviewing street surveillance security.

Knoff-Thomas says the group aims to increase street patrols in the area to around the clock.

The NBA has been around since 1937 and is one of the largest business associations of its kind, encompassing nearly 1300 business units, a major mall, over 400 retail stores and 100 hospitality joints.

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