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Facebook and Pinterest cash in on social shopping trends

A Facebook spokeswoman said joining up with TheFind would create a better Facebook ads experience for consumers.

TheFind first gained popularity as a price comparison website, allowing consumers to search for the cheapest offers available online.

Over nine years, it has built an index encompassing more than 500 million products.

Recently, TheFind made the experience more personalised to consumers’ buying habits and preferences by analysing their Facebook profiles.

TheFind has now released a blog post that says that it will be shutting down its website.

It says some of its key staff will be joining Facebook to help integrate TheFind technology into Facebook’s advertising platform.

“Facebook’s resources and platform give us the opportunity to scale our expertise in product sourcing to the over 1 billion people that use the platform,” TheFind team says in the post.

Over at Pinterest, the “buy” button could reportedly roll out in the next three to six months, sources told Recode.

The scrapbooking service is in a great position to be selling things, perhaps more so than Facebook and Twitter, who also recently started trialling “buy” buttons.

It’s a visual website with more than 70 million users pinning photos of stuff they like to their boards.

Presumably, if users like the items in the photos enough to pin them, they’d be willing to buy them.

The company’s recent $5 billion valuation was based around the expectation that it would add a buying option in time.

This could give it the power to take on the likes of Amazon in e-commerce.

Though it has not given comment about the matter, Pinterest has recently started making moves towards better advertising capabilities.

It introduced App Pins in February, which allows users to pin apps to their Pinterest boards and be downloaded onto their iPads and iPhones straight from the site.

App developers could start buying ads on Pinterest to promote their software, generating a new revenue stream for the company.

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