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iHeartRadio NZ launches In-Store Radio to optimise retailers’ businesses

iHeartRadio NZ is owned by NZME. The company’s group director strategy and operations, Carolyn Luey, says atmosphere is an often-overlooked part of the in-store environment, but it is vital to the consumers’ shopping experience.

“What actually gets played is left to chance. Perhaps a staff member plays their favourite CD or tunes into a radio station that plays their competitors advertisements.”

NZME. group director strategy and operations, Carolyn Luey

“Our business is radio. It’s what we do every day and we know the influence it has on people, both positively and negatively. In-Store Radio is programmed to match music and content to the target audience that will appeal to listeners in and out of store, in turn amplifying sales and marketing objectives.”

The In-Store Radio service uses a new technical solution to deliver customised streams over the internet, so fresh messaging and content can be updated immediately. It also has a back-up programme built into the hardware in case the mainstream fails.

Paper Plus is already using the service. Marketing manager Lyle Hastings says their personalized “Paper Plus Radio” station has given the chain a unique platform to deliver online growth and interact more effectively with customers by opening a new, 24/7 media environment for its suppliers.

“Paper Plus Radio gives us the ability to create our own Paper Plus station environment and then feed this across our complete digital and social platforms, completing our omni-media strategy implementation.”

Stu Cook is the marketing manager of Health 2000, which is also using the service. He says the chain has included interviews, promotions, top tips and “health hour” in its radio stream.

 “Health 2000 was able to create a very unique content driven station that met the needs of our stores and customers.”

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