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Farro Fresh Grey Lynn finds solution to Queensland fruit fly fiasco

The fruit fly debacle has frightened customers off and hurt the store’s overall sales.

Farro Fresh Grey Lynn’s sales took a 20 percent hit in the first week of quarantine in February, as the store is located on the outer edge of one of the quarantine zones.

Ministry for Primary Industries rules in place mean that it is illegal to take fruit, vegetables and some nuts out of the quarantined zone without a permit.

However, a permit isn’t required if the food items are sealed off in a vehicle that travels through the affected zone without stopping.

Farro Fresh Grey Lynn. Photo: Red Awards

Farro approached the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and proposed that it package the fruit and vegetables off-site in a non-restricted zone, and then transport the sealed items to the shop for sale.

Co-founder Janene Draper says this solves customers’ concerns about buying fruit and vegetables from the store.

“This way the Queensland fruit fly cannot enter the produce while it is in the zone, so it can be transported out of zone without any concerns,” she says.

Farro Fresh says it is the first retailer to approach the MPI and be granted a register and permit system.

Customers have to sign a ministry register in store to show that they understand the restrictions and items are marked with green stickers to show what can be taken out of the store.

The products are available at Farro Fresh in Grey Lynn from today.  

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