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Ever wondered what an abandoned mall looks like?

Though there is an abundance of eerily abandoned buildings in New Zealand, there are no abandoned shopping centres that we’re aware of.

However, the US is a different story.  There’s a website dedicated to the empty malls that populate each state, as well as a Facebook group with over 16,000 members called Dead Mall Enthusiasts.

The “dead mall” phenomenon is far from over. According to Green Street Advisors, which tracks the mall industry, over 20 malls have closed since 2010 and 60 are on the brink of closing.

Retailers, beware: the photos below may scare you. Here are some ghostly, deserted malls that are completely devoid of foot traffic, except maybe the odd zombie.

Randall Park Mall, Ohio, USA

Once upon a time, this mall opened as the “world’s largest shopping centre” in 1976. Sadly, it is set to be demolished any day now, so bask in its creepiness while it lasts.

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless​

Rolling Acres Mall, Ohio, USA

This mall first opened in 1975 and was once a bustling, busy place filled with 140 stores. On December 31 in 2013, the last retail store standing shut up shop. Now it sits uninhabited.

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless

Photo: Seph Lawless

Cloverleaf Mall, Virginia, USA

This mall was first opened in 1972 and had about 40 shops, including Sears and J.C. Penney. It all went downhill due to failing attendance and closed for good in 2007.

To add to the spookiness, two employees were murdered in a dollar store and a woman went missing from a parking lot. The crimes have never been solved.

Flickr: fireatwillrva

Flickr: 50204706@N07

Flickr: fireatwillrva

Flickr: fireatwillrva

North Towne Square Mall, Ohio, USA

The verdict is out on why there are so many abandoned malls in Ohio. This mall first opened in 1980 and had promise, as it featured shops that weren’t found anywhere else. Unfortunately, this didn’t save it. In 2005, the mall closed and the place was demolished in 2013.

Flickr: binkled

Flickr: binkled

Flickr: binkled

Flickr: 84375973@N00

Dixie Square Mall, Illinois, USA

This mall first opened in 1966 and was only open for 13 years, yet it stood vacant for more than 30 years – more than twice as long as it was in business. The mall is famous for its appearance in the movie The Blues Brothers. It was demolished in 2012. 



Flickr: 70205638@N00


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