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The lights go up on new North Island power retailer Flick Electric Co.

 “Aucklanders have never had any genuine choice of power retailer because they all fundamentally offer the same thing – a flat per kWh rate. We think that grossly limits customer choice and is indicative of a stale electricity retail market, so we’re here to disrupt the game,” says CEO Steve O’Connor.

He said Flick aimed to be the most transparent power retailer on the market, offering customers the spot market price of electricity using market data from Transpower and property usage data from smart meters. It passes all the costs of supplying power to a property  – generation, transmission, distribution and metering on to the consumer without mark-ups, covering its costs with a separate fee.

This differs from the established model of selling electricity, where the customer pays a per kWh hour charge that bundles all these costs together.

Flick was released in Wellington as a pilot in August, and has been expanding across the North Island ever since. Any property with a smart meter is eligible to sign up.

“Obviously Auckland is a very big market, and a very important market,” O’Connor says. At the beginning of this week, Flick had just signed up its 800th customer.

Flick is an independent power retailer with no attachment to power-generating companies. O’Connor is proud of this: “The nice thing about it is that we’re not buying from our Mum and Dad.”

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