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Children’s dollhouse Roominate encourages little girls into engineering

The pair found that they had both been inspired by their childhood toys, so they set out to come up with a toy which would encourage girls to develop the same interests and basic skills as they did.

The result is Roominate. The range of dollhouses comes as a set of modular building pieces for children to assemble into rooms and furniture. Taking it a step beyond Lego is a motor, switch, battery pack and screwdriver which allows the houses to be wired into an electrical circuit.

A Kickstarter pledge drive was begun for Roominate in 2012, exceeding its funding goal of US$25,000 by more than US$60,000. The dollhouses are now for sale through major distributors in the US such as Toys R Us and Walmart, but do not seem to be available in New Zealand yet.

Those who are dead keen to get their hands on a box can order internationally on Amazon.com.

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