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Which retailer wore #TheDress hashtag best?

Celebrities, news websites, and regular Joe Bloggs Facebook and Twitter users all had an opinion last weekend on whether the dress was coloured white and gold or blue and black.

 The debate originated from a Tumblr user who posted a photo of a striped dress asking the public to help her and her friends figure out which colour it was.

Nobody could agree – some people perceived it as white and gold and others saw blue and black in the same image.

The disconcerting optical illusion caused such a stir amongst users that it spread to every other corner of the internet and became a viral sensation worldwide.

One of those places was Twitter, where companies jumped at the chance to sneak some publicity into the hashtag trail of #TheDress.

Some were distasteful – although not as distasteful as popular pizza maker DiGornio Pizza’s Tweet last year.

The company used the #WhyIStayed hashtag domestic abuse victims were using to talk about their experience to say, “#WhyIStayed You had pizza”. Charming.

Have a look at some of the examples of which retailer wore #TheDress hashtag best. Our personal favourite is the commitment to the trending topic by Lego.

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