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Kiwis continue to spend up large on overseas websites in January, BNZ report finds

The ‘Electrical and electronics goods’ category, featuring items such as computers, accounted for one of the biggest areas of international online spend for Kiwis in January.

This category increased 20 percent from a year ago, with spending hitting about $260 million.

Closely following that was the clothing, footwear and accessories category, with spending sitting at around $185 million.

This saw an increase of 13 percent from 2014.

Overall, online retail spending in January was 7 percent higher than the year previous.

As for total online spending both domestic and internationally, ‘Department, variety and other’ topped the list at 26 percent.

This category incorporates the shops that don’t fit into any other sections, such as Trade Me’s retail categories.

Following that, ‘Groceries, liquor and specialised food’ was the second biggest online spend at 15 percent.

This was the highest increase out of the categories due to growth in purchases from domestic retailers.

Daily sales continued to fall in popularity, dropping to 5 percent from 6 percent the year prior.

Interestingly, in the December quarter, both online retailers and bricks and mortar retailers in New Zealand increased at about the same rate from the year previous.

The report also noted that spending at domestic and online retailers has been unstable in the past three months as shoppers tend to prefer domestic retailers during the festive season.

This is partly due to quicker delivery times in a short time frame, as international retailers tend to take longer.

Domestic retailers accounted for 60 percent of online spending in December, but this dropped to 57 percent in January.

Online spending overall has slowed in January due to this seasonal drop after Christmas.

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