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Edible wearables hit the market: meet the world’s first GPS-powered fitness banana

However, Dole Japan has refused to settle for selling just standard bananas.

It sells “functional bananas” that it claims have health benefits for pre- and post-exercise.

According to Dole’s ads, the “Gokusen” banana helps those about to exercise gain energy and concentration and a “Lakatan” or sports banana helps aid recovery and nutrition after exercising.

A boxed, limited-edition single Gokusen banana was selling for around $US6 ($NZ7.56) in store and a bunch cost $US11.73 online in Japan last year.  The name “Gokusen” roughly translates to “highest quality selection”.

This year, the company has gone one step further to raise awareness about its functional bananas.

As part of its ninth year of sponsoring the Toyko marathon on February 22, the company created a wearable banana for two runners.

The bananas were GPS-powered with a LED display, combining modern fitness tech with a fruity snack. Dole did not disclose how the bananas were worn.

According to Dole, the wearable bananas let the wearers see their run time and heart rate, as well as displaying messages from spectators on Twitter. 

The fruit even displayed advice on when to chow down on another banana to help the running performance. 

When the race finished, the bananas flashed the words “Eat Me.”

Though wearable tech is shaping up to be a big trend this year, there’s no word from Dole about whether this will be a permanent offering in their banana line.

This isn’t their first banana-related publicity stunt, either.

At the 2014 Toyko marathon, the company transformed 200 bananas into “banana trophies” by printing runners’ finish times and friends’ Facebook messages on the fruit in edible ink.

Presumably, the printed banana skins weren’t intended as a long-term souvenir.  

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