Light up your life

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  • June 13, 2017
Light up your life

Retail store lighting is strategically important, even more than business owners realise. Different lighting styles will create different shopping experiences for your customers. 

The time when interior design and lighting were handled separately is long gone. Now, addressing lighting as an integral part of design is a necessity. In a retail store, lighting can do everything from showcasing your merchandise to creating a welcoming environment for your customers.

Clever use of accent lighting on lower shelves can increase the prominence of products, but combining backlighting can have a dramatic effect that brings out the best of your merchandise. Lighting impacts on every aspect of the retail experience, from brand and product perception to consumer engagement and mood.

This means that we need to consider lighting at every stage in the process and understand the impact lighting can have on overall design plans. The way in which you use light within your retail sector can ultimately affect your sales. In the past, there were few options, with lighting being either on the ceiling, wall or, occasionally, freestanding.

Lighting within display units was rare and resulted in compromises, with the size and quality of the technology available restricting the options. Nowadays there are a lot more lighting options available to electricians, interior designers, architects, and retailers. But choosing the best option out there for all stages of the design can be the hardest part of the whole process.

Bright Light is one of New Zealand’s leading lighting wholesalers. If you’re after an LED lighting solution for your project, we’ll help you implement an excellent lighting result.

We stock a wide range of innovative LED lighting products and our experienced technicians are on hand to assist you with any queries that you may have. As a pioneer and leader in the New Zealand LED lighting industry, we have built a solid reputation of innovation, high quality, and reliability.

Bright Light has created a new range of LED Profiling systems that are ideally suited to retail environments. This new collection, which is specific to the market, is called the LED Profile Line Range and has four subcategories which offer an even more tailored solution to fit your store.

Lighting is just one of the factors retail interior designers must consider as they attempt to create a comfortable environment for customers. David Powley, director of Bright Light, says buying quality lighting equipment is essential to obtain a sustainable and effective lighting solution.

“With other products on the market, the quality of the aluminum and its’ heat sinking ability often isn’t that great.  Bright Light chooses to use only NZ made high quality architectural grade 6060 aluminium.”

“There is an influx of Chinese and European market options coming in and quality control can be an issue at times.  Local quality control processes ensure a consistent finished product ,” says Powley.

Constructed with only the highest quality materials and suitable for both commercial and residential spaces the LINE range has been designed with style, functionality and the end user in mind.

“We make it right from the beginning, if a client has a specific design in mind then we can create that for them, so from design right through to finished product,” says Powley.

 “We can control the quality of the light when it goes in… we want to make sure the light uniformity is perfect.” As the range is pre-fabricated installation is extremely quick.

The TECHLINE LED Profile range operates with an easy click in, click out two-part profile mounting system ultimately offering easy serviceability if required.

To ensure uniformity across the range all end caps are CNC machined aluminium and all exposed surfaces are sheer anodized giving the perfect finish.  Customised finishes are available including matte silver anodized, black and white powder coating or a custom colour to the clients’ specification. 

“It’s all easily done for us because it’s all New Zealand made,” says Powley.

The option of installing lights in your cabinetry or different areas around your store gives you the opportunity to illuminate your store without having to revert to uniform legacy lighting systems.

Contrast is key to grabbing the attention of your customer, and having different styles and lines throughout your store is the best practice.

Bright Light is a reputable source that has seen success with its use of innovative, accurate and versatile lighting displays. The products are tested in the company’s extensive R&D facility ensuring only the best quality versions are released.

“We’ve got a really good research and development department and workshop facility that deals with testing, so we’re well set up for that,” says Powley.

“The LED profiles are custom-made into finished luminaires right here in the factory.”

Over the past 13 years Bright Light has worked extensively with leading brands across all sectors of the market providing general lighting solutions.

Steve Marshall, fellow director at Bright Light, says for his company, it’s all about professionalism and perfection.

“I guess an underlying message for me is that we’re about trust and quality. We’ve got a good reputation out there. We have the power and the systems and the background to pull it through.”

“We can do everything from residential, commercial, industrial, marine and project,” says Marshall. “There is very little that we can’t do.”

Not only can the new LED Profile Line Range be tailored to suit any design, but it is also more energy efficient than some competing LED lighting.

This means that as well as drawing the attention of your shoppers, this range of lighting can also reduce your carbon footprint.

“When you hold our product you’ll find that it’s a heavier gauge than other LED Profiles, which means that it has better heat sinking abilities,” says Marshall. “People tend to think that LED doesn’t generate heat. With LED, the heat comes out the back of the light, which means that what we’re producing here is a more efficient heat sinking vehicle.”

This energy efficient lighting can also save you money. Businesses don’t often consider the cost-saving aspect of becoming more sustainable, but at Bright Light we focus on providing  the most efficient products available  to the market. 

David Powley says that a good CRI, or colour rendering index, is a key to good lighting that’s optimally energy efficient. The sun has a CRI of 100, so the closer the light is to that number, the better and truer colours will appear under it.

“Having a greater CRI shows up in the quality of that light. With retail, we like to ensure we have the highest CRI possible about 90-95+, and that ensures the colours are vibrant and everything comes out as it’s meant to.” B

right Light’s LED Profile Line Range products come with UV-resistant opal diffusers that ensure maximum light output while maintaining light uniformity throughout.

The pre-existing range is also custom built and specifically designed for retail sectors, with down lights, shop lights, and light panels among others that can all be manipulated to better target your customer base.

Bright Light works at a wholesale level, so the products are available through your regular wholesaler or your shop fitting fabricator

Find out more at

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