Moore Wilson's: 99 years in the family

Take any Saturday in central Wellington and you’ll find scores of shoppers descending on Moore Wilson’s sprawling three-storey flagship.


Trust in me

What role does trust have in the retail sector? Jai Breitnauer finds out why we need a good relationship to make a purchase.


The quiet: Small stores in regional towns

Journalist Steve Braunias has released a new book with photographer Peter Black focusing on the quiet beauty of small-town Kiwi shops.


Watch this space: The Pie Piper and Doornuts

Home dessert delivery service The Pie Piper has combined their love of authentic food and community support within their soon-to-open flagship store. The original home ...


The consumer trends shaping 2017

Shoppers don’t all wake up in the morning with a simultaneous hankering for the item of the day – they’re driven by cyclical, measurable trends. ...


I Love Ugly founder Valentin Ozich on the good, the bad and the ugly

It’s been nine years since mens clothing label I Love Ugly shook up the fashion scene in New Zealand and since then, there’s been highs ...


Form and function

Customers may not always be consciously aware of design but – to misquote a famous phrase about art – they know what they like. Rachel ...


Fast and vast: Reaching shoppers through television advertising

New Zealanders may be super tech-savvy, multi-screen watchers but, at the end of the day, more Kiwis sit down and watch free-to-air television than any ...


Showing the way with in-store signage

At first glance, the humble in-store sign might not seem important in the great big marketing scheme. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.


The franchise guide

New Zealand is the world's most franchised country per capita. We took a look at the retailers driving this.


A shopping city: Kiwi Property on the success of Sylvia Park

The launch of H&M and Zara at Kiwi Property’s Sylvia Park shopping centre were two of the most-anticipated retail events of 2016. We asked Kiwi ...

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