Looking at retail inside and out: Simon Pound talks Vend, ventures and diversification

Simon Pound worked with retail tech company Vend for more than four years before shifting to become a partner at ventures start-up Previously Unavailable in ...

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Right message, right time, right person: Dean Cook on 21 years of change in marketing and advertising

After 21 years at Farmers over two stints, former head of marketing Dean Cook has hung up his purple tool belt, swapping it out for ...


Quantifying your intuition

The days of opening a cash drawer to record a sale and doing the bookkeeping in a literal book are long behind us. Caitlin Salter ...


What’s in store for The Everything Store?

After years of persistent rumours, Amazon has confirmed its arrival in the Australian market. Is it coming to New Zealand next? If so, what should ...


Tricks of the trade: Profile of Jon Macdonald of Trade Me

The Trade Me marketplace is easily New Zealand’s largest online retailer. Courtney Devereux talks to chief executive Jon Macdonald about the strong community that has ...


A dedication to design

New Zealand’s retail and hospitality markets are increasingly influenced by international counterparts, and larger markets than our own often dictate trends for shop and restaurant ...


On the road with mobile payments tech

The past decade has seen a proliferation of pop-up shops, farmers’ markets, food trucks and temporary collective sale spaces. Rachel Helyer Donaldson explores how rising ...


The 2017 retail wishlist

Retailers, like other businesses, rely on many government processes to run their businesses. Ahead of the general election, NZ Retail and its website The Register ...


Shine on: Introducing the Top Shop winners

Even the most extravagant window display had nothing on the glittering splendour of Retail NZ’s 30th Top Shop awards. A wide range of industry participants, ...


Tomorrow’s retail innovations: Five technologies to watch out for

Jai Breitnauer looks at the technology that will be hitting your competitors’ shop floors in the next five years, and says it’s time to catch ...


The Warehouse Group’s Nick Grayston talks fundamentals and digital futures

The Warehouse Group has reported jobs cut, services sold and a complete restructure for the goal of retail simplification in its second-half financial report. The ...

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